FISS Graduation Pacheco

FISS Pacheco Graduation
Posted on 04/13/2021
FISS Pacheco Graduation
“To my children: I graduated for you! My support continues until college and beyond” FISS at Pacheco

The Family Institute for Student Success (FISS) Leadership Committee and Pacheco Principal Justine Medina congratulated Pacheco families for their graduation from the virtual FISS program. The FISS Leadership Committee also expressed gratitude to the New Bedford Public Schools administration team for its support in hosting the nine-week program at Pacheco. They praised the recruiters, facilitators, teachers and school staff for exceeding expectations to engage families through the program. NBPS continues to virtually educate, engage and empower families to ensure student success.

Pacheco Principal, Mrs. Justine Medina, congratulated Pacheco school families for their commitment in completing the Family Institute. She stated, “I want to thank all of you for making the commitment to learn more about your child’s educational experience so that you can fully understand, support, and advocate for them as they continue their academic journey. I realize these haven’t been easy times for anyone and the fact that you made this commitment of time to spend on learning more about your child’s education during a pandemic is commendable".

Husband and wife, Rachel Dean and Ryan Pinto are both FISS graduates. Ryan stated, "I am proud to say that our daughter, who was staying after school for extra help in kindergarten, has been chosen to be in an accelerated class. Now she is above her grade level, so something must be working! After all the stresses of the world, we were able to help guide and give confidence to our children".

Rachel Dean, FISS graduate added, "As someone who started college again at 26 after taking a half of a semester and dropping out after high school, I am thankful this program has helped open my eyes. College was never encouraged in my family. No one in my family has attended college, and therefore it was never a priority"

Brenda Rivera, a FISS parent graduate said in her graduation speech, "Through the program, we have learned to communicate better and maintain a constant line of communication with the teachers, guide our children and be able to help them. To my children, I graduated for you! You have been with me from beginning to end. My support continues until college and beyond"

FISS Leadership Committee and Pacheco administration extend their appreciation to the following students: Ivanna Zuniga for the pledge of the legion, Jaydan Feliciano for the astounding graduation performance and Jyan Alejandro for being our amazing bilingual master of ceremony.

Since FISS started in 2019, we have graduated over 168 families, which directly supports over 286 New Bedford Public Schools students across the district. For more information on this program, please contact Orlenda Jackson at [email protected].


FISS Pacheco Graduation