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Fine Arts Student Showcase - Spring 2020

  The mission of the NBPS Fine Arts Department, which encompasses both the visual and performing arts, is to educate our students both in and through the arts.  The department offers a sequential curriculum for the acquisition of arts skills, arts integration experiences, both in and out of school opportunities, and recognition for student achievement.

  The Every Student Succeed Act includes the arts alongside math and language arts in its definition of a “well-rounded education.” Arts education is recognized as a unique learning modality where students can exercise creativity, work both independently and collaboratively, and take pride and ownership of their learning through a hands-on, multi-sensory approach. The arts are also as a vital part of a holistic education and there is a growing body of research that shows a strong correlation between arts learning and increased learning in other subjects such as math or reading.

  Furthermore, learning in and through the arts prepares our children to be vital members of the 21stcentury workforce not only as artists and musicians but more importantly as thinkers, team members and individuals who are as dedicated as they are passionate.

Fine Arts Teachers

Elementary Music
Lindsey Augustine - Pulaski
Rebecca Bobek - Gomes
Christian Camarao - Hathaway, Winslow
Brandon Chan - Lincoln, Hayden-McFadden, Ashley, Carney
Edward DeArruda - Renaissance, Lincoln, Campbell, Brooks
Lee Dias – DeValles
 - Pacheco
Susan Kulju – Brooks, Rodman
 - Brooks, Hayden-McFadden, Carney
Diane Littlehale – Congdon
Rebekah McLaughlin – Jacobs
Sara Mello – Carney, Gomes, Brooks
Jennifer Murphy – Taylor, Jacobs, Rodman
Jacob O’Brien – Carney
Jessica Pereira – Lincoln
Tyrell Pina - Parker
Michael Rayner – Pulaski
Hannah Reis - Campbell, Swift
Laura Schulz -  Hayden-McFadden 

 – Renaissance
ahria Trepes – Ashley, Winslow

Elementary Art
Melissa Aviles – Gomes
Tara Catojo - Lincoln
Jennifer Cosentino – Carney
Stephanie Couto – Pulaski
Erin Eisan - Jacobs
Rachel Howell – Taylor, Winslow
Megan Joyce - Congdon
Erika Linehan – Parker

Cathryn Lonsdale – Renaissance
Danielle MacKenney - Pacheco
Melissa Main – DeValles
Rocky Raxter – Brooks, Rodman
Amanda Signorino - Ashley, Hathaway
Kate Vannata – Hayden-McFadden 
Molly Zakarian - Campbell, Swift

Elementary Dance
Lauren Burgess – Pulaski 

Elementary Theatre

Marissa Stanley – Pulaski 

Middle School Music
Alexander Breault – Keith
Jared Cordell – Normandin
Stefanie LaFontaine – Normandin
Sarah Mawn - Roosevelt

Mikelyn Roderick – Keith 
Daniel Snizek – Roosevelt 
James Stone – Keith
Nicole Sousa - Normandin

Middle School Art
Aleisea Guzman - Keith
Erin Meade – Keith
Danielle Garcia– Keith
Amy Wilcox - Keith
Veronica Cabral - Normandin
Erin Collins - Normandin
Jessica Lawrence - Normandin
Matthew Carreiro - Roosevelt

Olivia Wallett – Roosevelt

Middle School Theatre

Tal Kaplan - Roosevelt
Olivia Marques – Normandin

Middle School Dance
Elizbeth Fournier - Normandin

NBHS Performing Arts 
Stephanie Donnelly - Theatre
Karli Swanson - Theatre
Lynne-Marie Dandeneau – Music
Loredana Mello – Music
Timothy Mason – Music
Matthew Pacheco – Music
Thomas O'Leary - Music

High School Art
Alanna Boucher – NBHS
Lynne LaBerge-Nelson – NBHS 
Matthew Poyant – NBHS
Rosannette Rivera – NBHS
Kimberly Souza - NBHS
Yoxanderi Mateo - NBHS
Mark Carvalho – Whaling City, Trinity


Lynn Souza
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Teaching & Learning Specialist 
Sarah Cadieux Pacheco
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Lynne Butcher
508-997-4511 Ext. 14151
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