Home Schooling Information

Families that intend to homeschool their students are required to submit the following to New Bedford Public Schools each year:

  • Homeschool Educational Plan or NBPS Homeschool Application (see below)
  • End of Year Report (submitted at the end of the school year)

Homeschool Application or the Educational Plan can be submitted online to [email protected] or sent by mail to:

Office of School Performance
455 County St.
New Bedford, MA 02740

NBPS Homeschool Applications:





Cape Verde Creole

Haitian Creole


Our office reviews the application or educational plan for approval and parents/guardians receive an approval letter accordingly. Please note that you may receive additional follow up from our office in the event we need additional information. Once homeschool is approved, we notify the schools and students are un-enrolled from New Bedford Public Schools.

Note: NBPS does not provide textbooks, technology or any other materials to students participating in homeschooling.

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If you have further questions, please feel free to email us at
[email protected]