Educational Translation Interpretation Services

"Educational translators & interpreters are the bridge that connects home and school"

ETSI Staff

The New Bedford Educational Translation Interpretation Services Department, provides a multitude of languages most needed in our community. We currently interpret (oral) and translate (written) five of the major languages for our district: Spanish, Krioulo (Cape Verde), Portuguese, K’iché and Haitian Creole.

Others available upon request.

Fanny Nieves


508-997-4511, ext. 14453


Limary Rojas


508-997-4511, ext. 14682


Jenifer Garcia

Spanish, K’iche

508-997-4511, ext. 14679


Bayron Mendez

Spanish, K’iche

508-997-4511, ext. 14683


Diandro Araujo


508-997-4511, ext.14461


Djamila Silva Monteiro

Cape Verdean Krioulo, Portuguese

508-997-4511, ext. 14425


Brittany Machado

508-997-4511, ext. 14662

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