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Listen to the Under the Sea song and follow along to the movements.

Under the sea song

Describe personal stories

Describe a day at the beach, or a trip you’ve taken somewhere, etc.

Day at the beach kids learning song

Dictate, draw/write to tell a story

Draw a picture of your favorite sea animal and dictate/write your answer to “My favorite ocean animal is _____ because ______.

Blippi visits the aquarium

Have conversations

Have conversations with your child about summer safety - sunscreen, water safety, wearing helmets, staying hydrated, etc. Ask your child to give examples of how they can be safe in those different circumstances.

Sunscreen song


Understand numerals and quantities

Go outside with sidewalk chalk and make large circles, inside the circle write different numbers 0-10 and have your child collect items outside (leaves, flowers, rocks, acorns, etc) and put the correct quantity in each circle.

I Spy counting song

Sort, categorize and classify objects by more than 1 attribute

Using items around the house such as socks, legos, etc have your child sort the items by color and size, color and pattern, color and shape, etc.

Sort the same group two different ways


Explore/describe different places water is found in local environment

Get out and take a walk around Fort Phoenix, Freetown Waterworks, Acushnet Sawmill, Allen’s Pond, Harborwalk, or Fort Tabor, etc and explore where water is found around us.

Water - Looking after our planet video

Investigate physical objects/materials change under different circumstances

Watch the video about how force changes motion, position, direction, shape, size of objects and then try some examples from the video at home.

Force changes objects video