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 April Virtual Classroom
April Virtual Classroom
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Listen and follow along with the movements to the song “Spring is here”

Spring is Here



Dictate, draw/write to give information on a topic

Students watch the video

and draw a picture and finish the sentence, “I can help the Earth by …”

Sesame Street: Recycling Challenge



Act out characters and events

Watch the Life cycle of a butterfly video and then use their body to act out the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.

Butterfly life cycle



Positions of objects in space

Using the positional word cards and a chair, have the student show/be the object of the different positional words.

Positional word cards



Comparative language - more, less, equal

Gather objects from a spring hunt outside (leaves, flowers, pinecones, sticks, rocks, etc) and make groups/piles and use the words “more, less, equal” to compare the different groups.

More vs less video


Social/Emotional learning/SEL 11

Demonstrate beginning personal, social, and ethical responsibility

Watch the video and name 1 way you can begin to show responsibility.

Being responsible



Impacts of weather on living things: what you wear/can do

Using items from the home (coat, gloves, umbrella, boots, bathing suit, sunscreen, etc) have student sort the items by weather (sunny/hot, snowy/cold, rainy, etc)

Check the weather song



Give examples of how animals/plants are dependent on one another to meet basic needs

Watch video and state two reasons why plants and animals are dependent on one another.

Plants and animals need each other



Investigate sounds made by different objects/materials and discuss causes. Through play, investigate ways to manipulate different objects that make sound

Watch the video to hear different sounds from within the home and outside the home. Recreate sound and have student state where that sound would be heard and then have student recreate sound (using objects, instruments, voice, etc.)

Sounds around us




Count many concrete objects and actions up to ten

Place jelly beans or other small objects in plastic Easter eggs. Have your child open them and count how many objects are inside.




Comparative language-

More, less, equal

Using the objects from the Easter eggs, discuss with your child which egg had the most, least, etc.




Positions of objects in space

Activities for teaching positional words using objects from home




Listen to a variety of informational texts.


Impacts of weather on living things: what you can wear/can do

Listen to this story about weather. Discuss the day’s weather with your child and what you should wear to prepare for the weather.






Listen to a variety of informational texts.


Listen to the story about spring. What are some changes that take place in the spring? Draw a picture of spring changes.


Frog Life Cycle LS3-1

Video about the life cycle of a frog

Frog Life Cycle RL.PK.5

Frog Music and Movement


Five Green Speckled Frogs


Frog Dance


Frog Jumping

Spring RL.PK.4

Spring Read Aloud

When Will It Be Spring


When Spring Comes


Who’s Awake in Spring

Spring RL.PK.5

Spring Music and Movement

Spring is Here


Springtime Dance


Letter H F.PK.1.d

Forming the Letter H

Singing Walrus Form the Letter H


Letter H Song


Letter H Read Aloud

Letter H Story





Letter H Practice

Letter H Worksheet


Letter X

Letter X Song

Letter X Song



Forming Letter X

Form Letter X



Letter X Read Aloud

Letter X Read Aloud


Letter X Practice

Letter X Worksheet




Number Review 0-10

Show the number 10 Song

10 Song


Counting to 10

Counting to 10 Song


Shape: Pyramid and cone


3D Shape Songs