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Busing Policy Guidelines for Student Behavior

 Students riding the school bus are expected to observe the following rules and regulations:

1. Students are to wait for the bus on the sidewalk until the bus comes to a complete stop.

2. Students should board and leave the bus in a single file.

3. Students are to remain seated until they reach their destination.

4. Students should not put any part of their body out of the bus window.

5. Students should not eat on the bus. No food should be carried on the bus from the lunch programs in school.

6. Bus windows will be opened by the driver or his aide.

*7. No objects should be thrown on or off the bus or extended out of it. Such action is subject to fine by State Law.

*8. Students should not damage the bus in any way.

*9. Smoking is not permitted on the bus.

*10. Students should observe the rules of courteous, considerate behavior on the bus at all times.

11. Students shall have written parental permission to leave the bus other than at home or school.

*12. Fighting, vulgarity, loud noise and other aggressive behavior will not be tolerated on the bus.

13. Students who refuse to obey promptly the directions of the drivers or aides, or refuse to obey regulations may forfeit their ride on the bus for a specified period of time.

*Considered Major Offenses


Procedure for Dealing with Bus Policy Violations

1. Verbal warning should be given to offenders by the bus aide, driver or both.

2. All serious offenses should be reported to the Principal by the driver or aide no later than one day following the incident on the prescribed two part form. The Principal shall send the appropriate part of the form to the parent, keeping the second part on file in the school office for the remainder of the school year.

3. After a major offense, the Principal may request the parents to visit the school. At this time, the Principal may direct the parents to provide their child's transportation to and from school for a specified period of time. Students suspended from riding the bus must still attend school.

4. Principal should send a copy of the parent notification to the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services, as is the procedure for suspension from school.

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