Acting Director of Facilities Operations :
Doug Brites 
[email protected] 
508-997-4511 ext. 14280

Administrative Assistant :
Melinda M dePina 
 [email protected]
508-997-4511 ext. 14283

Facilities/Maintenance Manager:
Michael C. Medeiros 
 [email protected] 
508-997-4511 ext. 14282

Acting Facilities/Custodial Manager:
Fernando Amaral
[email protected] 
508-997-4511 ext. 14281

Evening Supervisor of Custodians:
Doug Alfonse 
 [email protected] 
508-997-4511 ext.14293

Facilities Coordinator:
Kevin Clapper
 [email protected]
508-997-4511 ext. 14289

Confidential Secretary:
Stephanie Rebelo
 [email protected] 
508-997-4511 ext.14284