Vijayalakshmi Parthasarathy

Vijayalakshmi "Lakshmi" Parthasarathy
After NBHS, Lakshmi attended Harvard University and majored in Computer Science. While at Harvard, she took a semester off and went abroad, traveling to Ghana and then from Cairo to Cape Town. Upon her return, Lakshmi spent a summer doing research at NASA's flight research center. 

After completing her Harvard degree, Lakshmi began her first job as an engineer in the colorful offices of Google in New York City. After a few years at Google, she took some time off to pursue her passion of traveling- visiting Tunisia, among other locations around North Africa and South America. 

When she returned to the US, Lakshmi ended up back in NYC where she joined an old classmate at a social impact startup called FreeWill. She helped build out the platform as an early engineer is still there to this day.

FreeWill is a tech startup that built a tool for Americans to write wills (for free) and donate to charity in one click. Since the pandemic began, Lakshmi has adopted the "digital nomad" lifestyle and spends most of her time traveling, coding and droning.

Lakshmi Parthasarathy