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Wraparound Work

is focused on creating safe & supportive schools, improving overall climate & culture, and engaging our families and the community in the education of students. 

Family and Community Engagement 

Family and Community Engagement in New Bedford Public Schools aims to empower and strengthen authentic home, school and community relationships to ensure student success. Family and Community Engagement has three goals: 

 Improve communication practices between schools and families to ensure access to resources and supports that promote student success.

To increase capacity of teachers and school leaders
 to build relationships with students and families to achieve authentic family engagement and student success

To expand the representation of diverse family and community voices in improving school climate and culture toward supporting student success. 

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Family Engagement Practices in NBPS:

  • New Bedford's Three E's:  Engage / Educate / Empower
  • Cultural Competency & Equity
  • Professional Development created and offered for staff
  • Family Engagement Centers located at:
    • NB High School
    • Keith, Normandin, and Roosevelt Middle Schools 
    • Gomes, Hayden McFadden, Jacobs, Parker, and Renaissance Elementary Schools
  • Family Institute for Student Success (FISS). 


Improving Schools through Community Engagement, Dialogue and Evaluation Ideas
Everyday Democracy highlights the work of New Bedford Public Schools and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

Family Institute for Student Success

Jariel Vergne, Wraparound Manager, discusses Family Institute for Student Success

Professional Development Examples:


Culture and Climate


Climate and culture is directly impacted by building systems that support Safe and Supportive Schools and Authentic Family and Community Engagement.

Safe and Supportive Schools 

  • 8 Safe and Supportive Schools as of 18-19 school year.
  • Lesley Graduate Courses for staff 
  • NorthStar Learning Centers 
  • PBIS – Whole School Tier 1 in 19 Schools
  • SEL Curriculum – Dept. of Student Services

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