Paraprofessional Services

Some children with disabilities may require the support service of an individual paraprofessional for all or a portion of the school day to address their individual needs and to allow them to benefit from instruction. Among other things, a paraprofessional can be assigned as a:

  • health paraprofessional
  • behavior management paraprofessional
  • special transportation paraprofessional (if your child's behavior, physical, or medical condition on the bus to and from school presents a danger to himself/herself or others.)

Paraprofessionals can also be assigned as sign language interpreters, oral interpreters, or cued speech translators for orientation and mobility.

Support from a paraprofessional assigned to the general education classroom may be necessary for your child to help adapt to tasks and assignments and to provide reinforcement and small group instruction. The same level of support may not be necessary in all situations for your child. A child may need support in math but no additional support during the rest of the day. Paraprofessional support as a supplementary aid and service in the general education classroom must be indicated in your child's IEP and the IEP must specify the number of periods per day or week the support is required.