Transitional Resource Program (TR)

Student Needs:

Students receiving supports through the TR model at the elementary level have specific disabilities such as intellectual, severe developmental delay, neurological, and/or other disability requiring intensive programming.


These are specialized classrooms designed for students with severe developmental delays, intellectual and/or neurological impairments. Each student will develop vocational, academic, social/emotional, and adaptive daily living skills to the maximum of his/her potential. Students will be integrated into the general education setting to the maximum extent possible.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Students must be diagnosed with severe disabilities that prevent them from participating in a general education setting. Severe disability is considered one in which the current performance of the student is 50% that of a student of the same chronological age. Students must meet criteria such as IQ, need for extensive therapeutic services/interventions (OT, PT, ST, ADL, social), and have a significant developmental history.

  • TR programs are located at Hayden-Mcfadden Elementary School, Keith and Normandin Middle Schools and New Bedford High School