Autism Spectrum Programs (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorders, also known as autism, are developmental disabilities that affect social interaction and communication. Autism affects three main areas:

Communication: Verbal communication skills are the use of words or sounds to label objects, request items or attention, and to respond to people. Nonverbal communication skills include pointing or gesturing, and using eye contact or body language to communicate.

Social Interaction: Skills that enable a person to interact with others in a way that creates a positive feeling and does not generate a negative response.

Adaptive Behavior: Skills necessary to participate and succeed in daily activities. These skills include personal care, such as feeding and bathing, and independent living skills, such as preparing food and using public transportation.

  • Specialized Programs are located at Carney Academy, Roosevelt Middle School and New Bedford High School
  • Integrated ASD Preschool Programs are located at the Campbell, Carlos Pacheco