CHIPS Program

The CHIPS Program is designed by the New Bedford Public Schools in collaboration with the Juvenile Probation Department and the Department of Children & Families (DCF). The goal of this program is to assist the schools in identifying at-risk students and implement an action plan to correct the areas of concern. Students who are considered for this program are those with chronic absenteeism and behavior.

Members of the school's CHIPS Program may include the building principal, attendance officer, school adjustment counselor, parent, student, probation officer and the juvenile court liaison. Each month the CHIPS Team meets to develop and review a workable plan for the student and family in order to improve attendance and behavior.

CHIPS is designed to be the last preventative measure prior to filing a CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) petition in juvenile court against the student and/or parent.

For more information please contact:

Sarah Dury, NBPS Juvenile Court Liaison

(508) 997-4511 Ext.14418

or contact your child's School Attendance Officer