Early College

New Bedford High School is proud to be a part of the Massachusetts Early College Initiative, bringing access to college completion and career success to our students, especially those traditionally underrepresented in higher education. The Early College program bl
ends elements of high school and college to provide students with the opportunity to experience and complete college level academic coursework on a clear pathway while gaining exposure to a variety of career opportunities.

The Early College program is d
esigned to allow students to earn a minimum of 12 college credits for FREE while earning their high school diploma. New Bedford High School has partnered with Bristol Community College and UMass Dartmouth to offer a variety of pathways geared towards specific areas of study and careers. All courses are taught by Bristol and UMass professors on-site at NBHS. Senior year, students will have the opportunity to take courses at the Bristol or UMass Dartmouth campus.

Students participating in the Early College program will have access to a wide range of support, including: 
Academic, college planning, and exploration support through OneGoal
Services as identified in a student's IEPs, 504 Plans, and required English Learner Services
Engaged and attentive faculty
A Peer Mentor
An Academic Coordinator at Bristol CC
Support services at Bristol including Tutoring, the Writing Center, and the Library and Learning Commons
...and much more!

Early College Pathways:

Business Administration
Health Sciences
Information Technology

Learn more about NBHS's Early College partnership with Bristol here!



As part of the Early College program, students are also enrolled with OneGoal, our partner in college and career planning. The OneGoal program is designed to help students navigate the exploration, application, and enrollment process of their chosen postsecondary paths. Students continue to receive support as they transition to their postsecondary path and throughout their first year after high school.


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Early College Program Contacts

Chelsea Granger, Early College Instructional Liaison
[email protected]

Elyse Demarest, Early College Instructional Liaison
[email protected]

Joyce Cardoza, Associate Principal NBHS
[email protected]

Bedford Towers Early College installOn December 14, eight Early College students who are part of the Commonwealth Collegiate Academy partnership with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth installed a mural at Bedford Towers. The mural was designed and painted by students as the end of course project. These students are in a course called 2D Form and Surface taught by Visual Arts Professor Ian Miller and supported by NBHS Art Instructor Lynne LaBerge-Nelson.

Jorja Bowman

Jorja Bowman is a senior at New Bedford High School participating in the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Arts pathway. Aside from juggling a full schedule and her college class, Jorja is also a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, JROTC, book club, and peer mentoring. Jorja joined the Early College program to enhance her high school experience. “I wanted a challenge in my life, to expand my learning, and to go out of my comfort zone.” 

Jorja has always been passionate about art and while she was in middle school, decided that she wanted to pursue a career as a graphic designer. She will be studying graphic design at UMass Dartmouth in the Fall. Jorja was excited to jumpstart her education and get a feel for the college experience by joining Early College because, “it made me feel that I already belonged to the college and that I was at home where I was supposed to be.”

In addition to earning credits, Jorja made connections with her peers, made new friends, tried new experiences, and achieved her dream of getting her art out into the world by participating in a group mural project. She highly recommends this special experience to any student who may be considering Early College.