Special Education

Covid FAQs

Special Education:

  1. How can I help my child/children with special needs during this time?

    Our staff will be  contacting families to discuss plans to review and create individualized Covid-19 Special Education Learning Plans for your child.  The plan will describe how and when the district obtained parental input regarding the proposed differences in provision of special education services.  It will also describe how the accommodations, modifications, and services outlined in the student’s IEP will be provided differently than those outlined in the current IEP. These plans will be temporary and will not alter or amend the student’s current IEP. 

    Progress Reports will be sent home when Report Cards are sent home with students.


  2. How are we supporting students on individual education plans (IEPs) while school is closed?

    Remote Learning Opportunities:

    New Bedford Public Schools is committed to providing your child with services and supports to the extent practicable. However, how the district provides special education services  may look different during this period. Distance learning provides students with opportunities to demonstrate learning outside of the traditional classroom setting, giving them the opportunity to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences on a daily basis. We will be making every effort to use creative strategies to provide special education services to every extent feasible.  In addition,  our  therapists will be offering “tele-health” sessions for those students who receive related services. 

    Remote Learning Plans

    Your child is entitled to receive accommodations and services set forth on his/her IEP consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of students with disabilities.

    In order to assure that your child receives the appropriate services and accommodations, the district will be contacting you to solicit your participation in formulating a Special Education Learning Plan for your child in a good faith effort to provide your child with a free and appropriate public education.  Your child’s IEP will be a guiding document for the plan, as the IEP was not written for remote implementation without the ability for staff and students to engage in person. Therefore, services in the plan will look different than if your child were receiving services and supports in school. The COVID-19 Special Education Learning Plan is intended to be temporary for the period of school closure and does not alter or amend the student’s current IEP.

    IEP Meetings

    The district will continue to conduct virtual Team meetings as much as possible, unless the entire Team agrees that an in-person meeting is required to make a decision. If this is required, Team members must adhere to school safety and health protocols. In addition, the district will continue to prioritize Team meetings and complete those that were unable to be completed due to school closure.