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New Bedford Public Schools: NUWC at Sea Lab
Posted on 01/24/2018
Sea Lab KidsFUTURE SCIENTISTS – 5th grade students of DeValles Schools visited Sea Lab at the Wm. Taylor School today, where scientists and staff of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport Division taught a science class on underwater robotics technology. Class objective: Use applied mathematics to calculate neutral buoyancy for underwater robotics; in two teams assemble, test and operate robotic submersibles. NUWC Division Newport provides the technical foundation that enables the conceptualization, research, development, fielding, modernization, and maintenance of systems that ensure our Navy's undersea superiority. Sea Lab is a marine science studies program funded through the New Bedford Public Schools for the perpetuation of real science activities. Historically, this Program has existed as a six-week summer program servicing academically serious students since 1968. The success of the summer program precipitated the development of an academic year program to expose all grade five students to the realm of marine and aquatic sciences. Intro: Mrs. Simone Bourgeois, Sea Lab Coordinator NUWC Instructors: Mr. Sean Goggin and Ms. Kelly Richards (with Ms. Candida Desjardins).