FISS Hathaway Graduation

FISS Gives a Sense of Belonging to Hathaway Families
Posted on 04/08/2021
FISS gives a sense of belonging to Hathaway familiesThe Family Institute for Student Success (FISS) Leadership Committee and Hathaway Principal Alexander Pella congratulated Hathaway families on their graduation from the virtual FISS program. The FISS Leadership Committee also expressed thanks to the New Bedford Public Schools administration team for its support in hosting the nine-week program at Hathaway. They praised the recruiters, facilitators, and school staff for giving their utmost to engage families through the program. NBPS continues to virtually educate, engage and empower families to ensure student success.

Hathaway Principal, Mr. Alexander Pella, congratulated Hathaway school families for their commitment in completing the nine-week institute. He stated, “We thank you for making the commitment to FISS, making the commitment to our school; and most of all, we thank you for making the commitment to your children by showing them the importance and value of getting a good education and the value of being an empowered parent leader! It takes a village to raise a child. Together, with our parents, our teachers, our schools and our community, our children will succeed and reach their highest potential. Tonight, we celebrate you and we thank you! Congratulations Hathaway parents!”.

We just never have enough time. However, these 15 parents who are being recognized and celebrated tonight, found the time to make the Family Institute for Student Success a priority and in doing so, have empowered themselves as parents to be advocates in their children’s education. Over the last 8 weeks, our Hathaway parents have learned how to navigate the school system and have learned how to advocate for their children.

Esther Zami, FISS parent graduate stated, “When I first heard about the FISS program, I felt like my prayers had been answered. I did not know much about it but I was willing to learn and participate in anything that would help me in my children’s educational journey. This program has educated me about different policies, testing, success and the road to college. But most importantly, how I can actively participate NOW in my children’s success and assist them in achieving their best. Since I didn’t really know anyone here besides my aunt and uncle, I felt estranged. However, for the short time I participated in the FISS program, I felt like I was part of a new family. This program gave me a sense of belonging.”

Fernando Nuñez, a FISS parent graduate added, “FISS helped me become more involved in my children's studies. We learned from all the opportunities available to our children in our community, things that we would never otherwise learn. Thanks to this program, today we know the importance of our children going to college. This opportunity will make them better individuals in our society so that they can have a better future.”

Special thanks to Sophia Sousa for the amazing graduation performance and Jyan Alejandro for being our bilingual master of ceremony.

Since FISS started in 2019, we have graduated over 150 families, which directly supports over 250 New Bedford Public Schools students across the district. For more information on this program, please contact Orlenda Jackson at [email protected].


FISS Hathaway Graduation