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Interactive Remote Classroom (February and March)




Community Helpers

Community Helpers Slideshow with links to various Community Helper books and songs. Kids can visit this Google Slide to meet the different Helpers in their Community

Community Helpers

Kids can practice fine motor skills (cutting with scissors and using writing materials) while making a paper bag Community Helper Puppet

Community Helper Puppets

Kids can have fun pretending to be their favorite Community Helper while making these simple paper plate hats

Community Helper Hats

Matching tools to the correct community helper. This can begin conversations on what the jobs entail etc.

What community helper uses these tools boom card game

ID Community Helpers. This game shows an image of a community helper and gives multiple answers. This is a great way to introduce vocab or assess for understanding.

Boom card Community Helper ID game

This book on Epic follows Jade around town to the different buildings and what community helper belongs to each. It has real pictures.

Epic book Jades Trip around Town:

Who are the Community Helpers in your neighborhood?

Community Helpers Read-Aloud: Sesame Street's Hooray for Heroes!

Sing about Community Helpers

Occupations Song ♫ Community Helpers Kids Song ♫ Best Kids Songs ♫ Career Song ♫The Learning Station

Read aloud Clothesline Clues

Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do

Community Helper Guessing Game

Interactive Read Aloud: Whose Hands Are These? (Community Helpers)

Community Helper Trivia Game

Interactive Trivia Game

Dental Health

Kids will love this catchy and fun song about brushing teeth techniques

Brush Your Teeth-Song

This is a great tutorial on how to take good care of our teeth

Dental Hygiene- Teaching Dental Care to Kids-Video

Another tutorial video led by a dentist along with “Baby Tooth” that shows kids the proper way to brush their teeth.

Learning to Brush your Teeth with Baby Tooth-Video

This read aloud takes kids on a trip to the dentist and gets them familiar with the tools and equipment used by the dentist.

A Visit to the Dentist- Read Aloud

Sequencing all different hygiene routines, there is a specific tooth brushing one.

Hygiene boom card game

Dental Health activities that can be done at home

15 Activities About Teeth

Information book about the Dentist with real pictures.

Dentist’s Office


Why Do We Brush Facts

Why do We Brush Our Teeth?

Going to the Dentist Read-Aloud

Read Aloud Going to the Dentist

Tooth Brushing Song

Tooth Brushing Song by Blippi

Why Do We Brush Facts

Why do We Brush Our Teeth?

Going to the Dentist Read-Aloud

Read Aloud Going to the Dentist

Tooth Brushing Song

Tooth Brushing Song by Blippi

Groundhog Day

This book explains the story of the groundhog and how it predicts the weather on Groundhog Day-Feb.2

Groundhog Daybook

Sung to the tune of “I'm a Little Teapot”

“I’m a Little Groundhog” poem/song

Wake Up, Groundhog-book

Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather-book

Paper plate art activity

Will the Groundhog See His Shadow?

Make a groundhog with a paper plate, brown crayons/paint, white paper, brown paper, black paper, and toothpicks

Paper plate groundhog

Make this super cute Groundhog Day snack with:

Nutter Butter Cookies

Groundhog Day snack activity

Funny book about Groundhog’s friends trying to persuade him for more or less winter. He ends up deciding honestly and his friend reassures him.

Groundhog Dilemma

Explains shadows and light. Have students play with different lights and items to see if they can create shadows.

Playing with Shadows

A ton of different shadow games and activities