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Virtual Preschool Classroom
December Classroom

Theme / topic: Winter/Hibernation/Migration


After watching the videos, have the children make homemade freeze pops or freeze toys in water and have them explore the different ways to free the toys. 

Sid the science kid freezing/melting ice pop 

How do icicles form? 

Snowman Freeze 

Winter hokey pokey 


Create a hibernation scene using items around the home (draw/color pictures, locate in magazines): cave (out of a paper plate), trees, branches, pinecones, snow (cotton balls) 

Why Do Animals Hide in WInter?


RF.3.1: link the initial sound to a picture that begins with that sound.  With guidance and support to the printed letter. (Mm & Nn)

Introduce children to letter sounds, uppercase & lowercase letter formations as well as words that begin with and end with a specified sound.

Jack Hartmann Learn about the letter Mm

Letter school write the letter Mm 

Singing Walrus Find the Letter M 

Jack Hartmann Learn about the letter Nn

Letter school write the letter Nn 

Singing Walrus Find the Letter N 

L.PK.6 Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, listening to books read aloud, activities and play

Pretend to hibernate.  Use stuffed animals and different places around the house for the animals to hibernate.  Discuss the changes that happen as fall ends and winter begins.  Use examples from the story Time to Sleep

Time to Sleep 


CC.2: recognize and name written numerals (8 & 9)

Number 8-The number 8 Song

Story/Number Talk-8 

Number 9

I Can Show the number 9-

Jack Hartman

Number 9 song w/ Count- Sesame Street

CC.3: understand numerals and quantities

Jack Hartmann number 8 

G.2: identify shapes (sphere)

Get out in the snow (or bring some inside) and see how many spheres you can make.  What makes a sphere different from a circle? (hint, circles are flat)  What else can you find that is the shape of a sphere?

***If you don’t want to go out in the snow, challenge your child to make a sphere out of playdough, aluminum foil, OR paper.  Try the activity linked to the side and have your own paper “snowball fight” inside.  Before making the snowballs, add letters, numbers, shapes, colors...whatever you wish to make it an academic review.  Have FUN!!!

Sphere song


ESS2-1 Raise questions and engage in discussions about how different local environments provide homes for different living things 

Build a den 


PS1-4: Investigate physical objects/materials under different circumstances

After a snowstorm bring a couple bowls of snow to investigate what happens to them: place in freezer, place on counter, place on stove.  Discuss the changes that were observed.  If no snow available do the same with water.

Ls2-2 Use evidence from the local environment to explain how familiar plants and animals meet their needs where they live.  

Wild Kratts A Winter fur change 

Animals in the Winter