Students with Specialized Health Care

As a parent or guardian of a child with specialized health care needs, it can seem overwhelming to send your child to school for the first time. New Bedford Public School nurses are well trained in working with children with specialized health care needs, and perform many specialized health care procedures on students including, but not limited to: airway suctioning, catheterizations, glucose monitoring, insulin injections and insulin pump management, tracheostomy care, gastrostomy feedings, inhalation therapy and other specialized health care procedures.


Nurses meet with families, and develop individualized health care plans tailored specifically to your child’s special health care needs. Nurses will also train appropriate staff members on an as needed basis on any special issues or accommodations that should be made for your child. Your child’s school nurse may request that you complete the “authorization to release information” form listed below, so that your school nurse can speak directly with your child’s health care providers to obtain updated clinical information or medical orders.

Authorization to Release Information Form

If your child requires any specialized procedures to be performed at school, such as suctioning, catheterizations or tube feedings, an “Authorization for Specialized Physical Health Care Service Procedures” form listed below should be completed by your child’s health care provider and also signed by a parent or guardian.

Authorization for Specialized Physical Health Care Service Procedures Form


If your child requires the use of medical equipment such as nebulizers, catheters, glucose monitors, oxygen, etc. it is recommended that the nurse keep one complete set of medical equipment at school for your child, instead of transporting equipment to and from school regularly.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s special health care needs, you may contact your child’s school nurse. You may also contact Karen Regan, RN, MSN, or Christine Avelar, RN, MSN, CPNP at (508) 997-4511 extension 2461 for further assistance.