Distance Learning Dec. 21 - Jan 8

All New Bedford Public Schools students will be fully remote for Dec. 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, as well as the week of January 4th-8th.

  1. My School / the District is in a 'Fully Distance Model' at the moment. What does that mean for my child's cohort, teacher, and daily learning?

-- Your child's school day should be the same amount of time as when they attend in person, and they should be following roughly the same schedule at a distance as they followed while they were attending a hybrid model (Cohort B or C) or fully in-person model (Cohort A).
If your child was in the distance model (Cohort D), their school day should remain the same. Individual school start and end times can be found on school websites and schools/teachers will communicate schedules and changes to students and families. 

-- Your child is still assigned to the same teacher and school during this temporary remote learning period whether they were in the hybrid (Cohorts A, B, and C) or full distance model (Cohort D).

--If you child was in Cohort B or C, then their everyday experience during this temporary remote learning period will mimic what they have typically been experiencing on days of distance learning. There will be both synchronous (live) online instruction and asynchronous (not-live) instruction, as well as independent practice, work, and assignments to complete. Distance Learning school work may include working with technology and work that is not technology-based.

2. My student is now remote but we don't have access to internet - what can I do? 
-- New Bedford Public Schools can help your family get connected to internet services during this time. Please call your child's school directly and let them know you need assistance being connected to internet services. 

3. I have a hotspot provided to me from the school, but it is very slow. How do I fix this?
-- If your hotspot is acting slow or having troubles keeping your student connected, be sure your student is sitting close to the hotspot. During remote learning time, please ensure that the only device connected to your hotspot is your student's computer. All TVs, cell-phones, gaming consoles, etc. should be disconnected from the hotspots to ensure your student can succeed during remote learning time. 

4. My student's school-provided computer is acting up. How do we fix it? 
-- If you are having issues with the technology provided to you by the school, please call the Technology Help Desk / Hotline at 508-997-4518.

5. I am having issues with my internet but it is not provided by the school district. 
--If you are having internet problems but your internet is not provided through the school district, please call your internet provider for assistance. 

6. When is my student going back into the school building? 
--Students in Cohorts A, B, and C will return to their normal hybrid schedule on Monday, January 11th. 

7. Will my student still be participating in sports during this period of remote learning? 
--All sports practices will resume like normal. If students have questions about their athletic schedule, please contact their coach directly. 

8. Will Grab and Go meals be available for families during this time? 
--Grab ‘n’ Go meals will be available for pickup at selected school locations, December 21-23, as well as during the week of January 4-8, 2021. Details on Grab ‘n’ Go hours and locations will be posted on NBPS Facebook page, www.facebook.com/NewBedfordPublicSchools, and the NBPS homepage, www.newbedfordschools.org.

9. Can I request a different teacher or cohort while my student is learning remotely? 
--At this time, while the entire district is learning at a distance, no cohort changes will be honored. Requests may be made and will be considered when planning to transition back from the fully distanced model.