New Bedford High School
230 Hathaway Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02740


Ms. Kathleen A. Dawson, Headmaster

Mr. Sean Woodard-McNiff, Principal for Grades 11-12
Ms. Carrie Cetenich, Assistant Principal for Grades 11-12

Mr. Michael Lazzareschi, Principal for Grades 9-10
Mr. Jeffrey Longo, Assistant Principal for Grades 9-10
Ms. Kathryn Rezendes, Assistant Principal for Grades 9-10

Mr. Robert Siciliano, Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Bernadette Coelho, Director of Registration and Alternative Pathways

Mr. Thomas Tarpey, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

Photo compliments of Mike Couto

The goal of New Bedford High School is to prepare well-read, productive young adults who are effective problem solvers and decision makers. They will be confident lifelong learners able to thrive in a global technological society. To this end, the administration, faculty, and staff provide a safe and secure environment in which all students can learn. Because all students are valued individuals with unique personal and academic needs, the school offers a balance of traditional and innovative programs and strategies to help them develop their strengths and self-esteem. All students benefit from a climate of cultural diversity that increases their appreciation of different peoples. The school staff, parents, and the community share the mission of helping students become responsible and well rounded citizens.

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