Wraparound Services

Wraparound Coordinators

Wraparound Coordinators support the New Bedford Public Schools vision of welcoming learning environments that build upon Social Emotional Learning systems and of authentic family and community partner engagement and collaboration. Wraparound is a philosophy of care with defined planning process used to build constructive relationships and support networks among students and their families. It is both school and community based, culturally relevant, individualized, strength based, and family centered (PBIS, 2019).  Wraparound plans are comprehensive and address multiple life domains across home, school, and community, including living environment; basic needs; safety; and social, emotional, educational, spiritual, and cultural needs.

Meet your Wraparound Coordinator!
Mel Aviles: Whaling City Alternative School
Erin Duarte:  District Administration
Kevin Gifford: Devalles Elementary
Yalissa Portalatin: Keith Middle School
Kimberly Soto-Hurtado: Roosevelt Middle School
Jasmine Vega: Hayden McFadden Elementary School

Attendance Officers

Parent/Guardian Attendance Protocol and Procedures: ENGLISH | SPANISH | PORTUGUESE
New Bedford Attendance Protocol and Procedures: ENGLISH | SPANISH | PORTUGUESE

School Attendance Officers support schools in improving attendance, minimizing habitual school offenses, preventing truancy, and intervening in cases of chronic absenteeism. School Attendance Officers are committed to the success of students, and maintain communication via telephone, letters, perform residency verification, consult with juvenile court, and make home visits with parents/guardians of children who have difficulty with attendance. Attendance Officers work with various community partners and agencies, such as the Family Resource Center and the Department of Children and Families, to offer support and assist families in ensuring their children are in school every day, on time. School Attendance Officers are mandated to take legal action if truancy continues and children are being denied a consistent and comprehensive education.

Meet your Attendance Officer!
John TweedieSchool/Court Liaison
Peter Larkin
Carney, Whaling City, Trinity, Hathaway, Pacheco, Winslow
Ryan Saucier: Normandin, Pulaski, Lincoln, Ashley, Campbell, Swift, Parenting Teens
Kelly Grace Silva
Keith, Hayden McFadden, Brooks, Parker, Rodman
Maureen Callahan Walsh
Roosevelt, Gomes, Congdon, Devalles, Hannigan, Taylor 
Dan Shaughnessy: New Bedford High School

Student Unenrollment Form
Attendance Officer Referral Form 

Parent Support Specialists

Parent Support Specialists build the capacity of schools to involve parents as stakeholders in an effective family - school partnership. Parent Support Specialists provide 
outreach to families, bu
ild relationships with parents, and facilitate relationship building between staff and parents. The strengths of families, children, and the community are at the center of the work of Parent Support Specialists as they e
nhance families’ capacity to support their children’s learning and serve as leaders in their children’s school.  Parent Support Specialists act as advocatesd and partners
 to assist parents and school staff to resolve issues at the school and to strengthen relationships built on foundations of trust and understanding. 

Meet your Parent Support Specialist!
Patricia Morck, Family Welcome Center
Damaris Suarez, Family Welcome Center
Limary Rojas, Family Welcome Center/McKinney-Vento
Melanie Da Costa, Family Welcome Center/Foster Care
Isamar Gonzalez, Family Welcome Center
Julie Mador, Registrar/Family Welcome Center
Eliany Grace, Family Welcome Center/Early Childhood Center
Orlenda Jackson, Family Welcome Center
Nieve San Pablo, New Bedford High 
Liz Lozada, New Bedford High 
Angie Mojica, Gomes Elementary
Gisany Monteiro, Gomes Elementary
Maribel Diaz Rodriguez, Renaissance Elementary
Veronica Ortiz, Jacobs Elementary
Maria Spears, Parker Elementary
Marie Tavares, Roosevelt & Normandin Middle 
Raquel Dias, Keith Middle

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